protecting and preserving native water rights


The Owens Valley Indian Water Commission's three- (3) member Tribes are the Bishop, Big Pine and Lone Pine Tribes. The board of the Tribal consortium consists of six (6) members, two (2) from each member Tribe. All board members have extensive experience in Tribal governmental operations, and all have served on their respective governing bodies. Half of the Commission's Board of Directors are elected Tribal Council members/officers. There is one voting member of each tribe and one alternate, and the board holds regular bi-monthly meetings. Commission staff meets with member Tribe's environmental staff from time to time to provide reports, receive project input, and to plan for future projects. Among the organizations tha have provided professional services to the Commission are:

  • Natural Resource Consulting Engineers
  • California Indian Legal Services
  • Geological Analysis and Consulting
  • Porter Geotechnical
  • SCS Engineers
  • Kendall Engineers
  • Williams & Works
  • Robert F. Albonico CPA
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • TEAM Engineering & Management
  • Carla Scheidlinger
  • Dave German
  • Natural Resource Conservation Resource
A majority of the contract work involves water-related issues.

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